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Discover the Powerful Pain Management Strategy That Doesn’t Require a Prescription

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Experience natural pain relief with the powerful combination of CBD + Magnesium Oil Topical Pain Relief spray. Results Guaranteed.

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Pain Shouldn’t Take Center Stage

Chronic pain can affect every aspect of our lives from how we interact with others to our daily activities.

If you experience chronic pain, you’re not alone.

Over 100 million Americans currently deal with chronic pain, some spending up to $145 per day just to find relief.

About 29% of patients report taking a combination of 5 different over-the-counter and prescription pills just to manage their daily pain. These pills come with a number of side effects and risk of addiction, Until now, most people simply didn’t have a choice. But, there is good news. Today, if you experience…

If you experience…

  • Hip & Joint pain
  • Back pain
  • Ankle pain
  • Knee pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Muscle soreness
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Neck pain
  • Foot pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Osteoarthritis pain
  • Arthritis pain
  • Injuries
  • Sleep Issues




I went from an Executive Director of a non-profit organization, running marathons, rock climbing, hiking canyons and kayaking to being completely bedridden and staring at a wall for 15 hours a day.

Of course, I went to see many doctors but unfortunately, I didn’t find the help I needed. So, I had to set off on my own journey to learn my true path to healing. Although I was able to reverse most of the symptoms, my chronic pain remained. No matter what I tried, I just could not manage it. I’d pretty much turned over every rock trying to find relief for my pain, sleep issues and a myriad of other symptoms…



I was determined to climb one of the true wonders of the natural world, Machu Picchu, the mystical home of the Incas in Peru.

It was there, after a grueling day when my feet, knees, legs, and lower back hurt so bad, that I thought I would have to abandon hopes of our next climb which was Rainbow Mountain!

That night I pulled out a little spray bottle of “aceite de magnesio” that a friend had given me before I left on my trip.

“What the heck,” I thought. I was desperate. And I applied it all over my body before bed.

Because of the grueling day, I woke up expecting to be immobilized, but instead, we were off to climb Rainbow Mountain and…I was totally pain-free!I know it sounds impossible, but it’s 1000% the truth.

After experiencing these results, I knew I needed to share this simple solution with the world.


The “Power-House” Combination for Natural Pain Management

As powerful as magnesium is, it gets better...

Since my hike on Rainbow Mountain, CBD has since shown extraordinary potential for managing chronic pain.

CBD is one of more than 120 compounds called cannabinoids.

And it’s powerful.


A 2017 article published in Pain Physicians showed cannabis-based medicines could be effective in treating chronic pain for neuropathic pain patients.

When applied topically, CBD showed “therapeutic potential for relief of arthritis pain-related behaviors and inflammation,” according to another study.

Yet another study showed the potential for CBD to block pain and inflammatory flares when applied directly to pain points.

And that’s why CBD just had to be added to the blend.

myKore Essentials CBD and Magnesium Oil Topical PainRelief Spray

myKore Essentials’ research team worked long and hard to create the perfect proprietary blend of CBD + magnesium oil and bottled it up into a convenient and effective spray.

The most effective natural pain solution on the market:

POTENT PAIN RELIEF - This proprietary formula contains USP Grade Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate, cannabinoids from full spectrum Hemp Extract and Acmella

COMFORT and CARE - Fast absorbing and lightweight. Our formula helps alleviate muscle, back, knee, elbow & arthritis pain, soothes stiffness and reduces inflammation, relieves joint pain and fibromyalgia related pain.

CBD with Magnesium Oil is…

  • Available without a prescription.
  • Free of THC and all psychoactive properties.
  • Legal in all 50 states.

I’ve experienced these life-changing results and have witnessed amazing results in so many people that I am personally guaranteeing the results of this product. I’m that confident!

Beware: Not All CBD is Created Equal

Although CBD is a powerful pain reliever, not all CBD is 100% safe.

The hemp plant is currently in high demand, leading many manufacturers to take the “cheap” way out and source conventionally grown (aka, chemically sprayed) hemp for their CBD products.

Due to my experience fighting Multiple Sclerosis and everything I’ve learned about the power of clean and organic products, I vowed never to cut corners when it came to ingredients in food and medicine, and I don’t recommend you do either.

myKore Essential Spray is made exclusively from organic hemp. Working closely with the manufacturer, we’ve decided to utilize a CO2 supercritical extraction method to extract the CBD, as well as, other cannabinoids, nutrients, and compounds.

It’s the cleanest form of CBD available on the market, making for maximum (and safest) impact on pain.


A recent study in the National Bureau of Economic Research found that American’s dealing with chronic pain spend anywhere from $56 to $145 per day... that’s $1,680 to $4,350 per month managing pain!

Although insurance picks up the tab for some of this cost, insurance can’t guard against the health risks associated with traditional pain management methods.

Over the counter and prescription pills expose patients to risk of addiction, long-term dependence on medications, and extremely dangerous side effects.

Because it is my mission to help others live pain-free, I made a commitment early on in my journey to offer an effective solution at a fair price.

That’s why myKore Essentials CBD and Magnesium Oil Topical Pain Relief Spray won’t cost anywhere near the $4,350 per month that some Americans are currently spending.

It won’t even come close to the $1,680 per month that other patients are spending each month to relieve their pain.

And, this natural pain reliever certainly won’t cost you your health or force you to risk addiction.

Instead, this high-quality, organic spray is retailing at just $69.95 for a full 30-day supply.

Yes, even though I know that most people would pay much more than that to relieve chronic pain for an entire month…

I refuse to charge more.

See, I want to get affordable pain relief in the hands of every person who has ever experienced chronic pain.

After all, that is my mission.

So, to help get the word out, while this first batch of 50 bottles is still available, you won’t even pay the retail price of $69.95.

Special Launch-Only Pricing

During launch only, take an additional 30% off the retail price.

That’s just $49.99 for a full 30 days of pain relief… less than what the average chronic pain patient spends per day to manage their pain!

Experience relief and save 30% today.

$69.95 $49.99

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Warning: Supply is limited to just 50 bottles. I can only guarantee this price while supplies from this batch are still available!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want to see you thrive, and we also believe “HAPPY CUSTOMERS” are the best advertising.

So that means if you’re EVER unsatisfied with anything you buy from us here at myKore Essentials, you have a full 30-DAYS during which time you can return the product for a full refund.

Just let us know you weren’t satisfied and we’ll send you a 100% REFUND on your order.

*Shipping and Return Policy


“I’m a horse trainer and dressage enthusiast. I'm pretty hard on my body and experience the normal aches and pains of an athlete. Recently, I was experiencing some pain in my hand which was limiting my general functioning and was concerning me. I took a few things but nothing seemed to help.

A friend of mine gave me a bottle of myKore Essentials mag oil and suggested I spray it on 3 times per day - to my surprise it eliminated the pain completely.In this business aches and pains are common. I'm definitely going to keep a bottle of myKore handy for future use.”

- Karson Jones, Horse Trainer, Tampa, Florida

"I recently tried Pure Magnesium Oil as I suffer from chronic pain. I found the spray to work best as a topical application to help manage minor aches and pains.

I’ve applied to my hands and directly to the surface of my skin where aches occur and found it did provide relief with some light massage. It worked very well as well after applied fresh out of the shower. My son also is also experiencing bad growing pains in his legs as of late. We found it helped him sleep much better when applied to his legs before bed time. I hope others find it to be a great addition to their pain management and therapy as well my family has."

- Aaron Brown, Toronto, Canada

“I’ve always lived with pain on my left foot due to the syndrome that I have that is called Marie Charcot, that generates malformation in some member of our body.

In my case it was in the left foot. A very good friend of mine suggested I started daily use of the myKore Magnesium Oil spray, and some massage, I felt a great relief from the pain that I have always had! It was magical, I feel like another person (without daily pain).

My sister’s been using the myKore Magnesium Oil on her lower back, she used to have lumbar pain and the spray has been reducing the discomfort of the lumbar lower back.We are both very happy and satisfied with it!Looking forward to buying more of these amazing products!

- Luiz Lopes, Brazil

"As a practitioner and martial arts teacher of JKD, Muay Thai and BJJ, I am constantly exploring the edges of my physical abilities. This process generally leaves me pretty banged up overall, so daily recovery practices become extremely important.

A game changer for me was being introduced to myKore Magnesium oil. I use it primarily in the evenings, and have found it leads to reduced pain and inflammation, a phenomenal night’s sleep and a marked decrease in muscle soreness the next day.

All this coming from a holistic product; I couldn’t ask for more."

-Augustus Heisley, New York


  1. How often can I apply the spray? As needed 1-3 times daily (6-10 sprays per use). The spray may be applied anytime. It is ideal before and after workouts, during a massage, and after a shower when pores are opened.
  2. How and where do I apply the oil? For pain and inflammation relief, apply it directly to the problem site such as your back, wrist, or knee. For headaches, spray in hand and massage temples. For best overall results, apply the oil to your feet and massage... a method used in ancient reflexology. For best absorption, a light but thorough massage is required.
  3. What can I expect when I apply the oil? You will feel a smooth, light oily feeling that spreads over your skin and a slight warmth to the area as circulation improves. It’s not uncommon for some users to feel tingling on the skin; this is usually temporary and diminishes with each use. You can also dilute the area with a little distilled water to lessen the sensation.
  4. How long does it need to stay on for the best absorption? 15-20 minutes is enough time for absorption. You can rinse it off if you’d like after this time, but it’s entirely up to you.
  5. Can I use too much? You can only absorb what you need through the skin, so you cannot use too much.
  6. How soon will I see results? Some users report immediate relief from pains. However, every person and situation is different, so results will vary.
  7. Will it stain my clothes? Fortunately, it won’t stain your clothes! But it can leave a salty residue when dry. You can brush it off easily by hand or wipe it away with a damp cloth.
  8. Is MyKore Essentials CBD and Magnesium Oil Topical Pain Relief Spray legal? Yes. The oil contains ZERO THC (the psychoactive chemical found in marijuana). Therefore, it is legal for purchase without a prescription in all 50 states.
  9. Will MyKore Essentials CBD and Magnesium Oil Topical Pain Relief Spray get me high? No. The oil contains ZERO THC (the psychoactive chemical found in marijuana). CBD does not contain any property that can cause a psychoactive effect.
  10. Do I have to get this product from a dispensary? No. The oil is available for online ordering through this web page only. You will not find this proprietary blend in dispensaries, health food stores, or from other retailers.

Special Launch-Only Pricing

During launch only, take an additional 30% off the retail price.

That’s just $49.99 for a full 30 days of pain relief… less than what the average chronic pain patient spends per day to manage their pain!

Experience relief and save 30% today.

$69.95 $49.99

Buy Now

Save 30% During this Limited Time Promotion

Payment Options

Warning: Supply is limited to just 50 bottles. I can only guarantee this price while supplies from this batch are still available!