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What to eat to improve your immune system amid C-19 threat


As the coronavirus pandemic rages on into the summer of 2020, it’s interesting to look back at how far we’ve come in terms of knowledge and understanding where the virus is concerned. “Novel” is part of the name for a very good reason: it’s new. We’ve never seen it before, and that means the science on how to deal with this thing had to start from scratch in every regard. Even with questions like whether a person can catch it again, certain uncertainties began to arise. The virus didn’t behave as expected. Doctors and scientists were seeing people test positive again, after already having COVID-19, which flies in the face of “conventional virus wisdom”. Conventional wisdom says once you have had a virus, your body begins creating antibodies against it. You are therefore highly unlikely to catch it again. But here we were. It turns out these folks who tested positive again were not actually shedding live virus, and that was good news, but this is just one example of that “starting from scratch” business.

A Strong Immune System Is Always Key

To be certain, there is plenty that we don’t know. But there are still some very key ways we can fight the good fight against COVID-19. One of them is proper handwashing, and another is wearing a mask while in public. Simply put: keeping your germs to yourself.

But there is another key way to protect ourselves, which goes above and beyond the coronavirus conversation and informs literally every aspect of our lives: a strong immune system. With a strong immune system, you might never know the ravages of some really awful diseases. And if you do get sick you’re likely to get better, faster. With a strong immune system you can run further, lift more, and breathe deeper than those with compromised immune systems. With that speed, and strength, and stamina you’re able to build and build… becoming a better version of yourself every day. With a strong immune system, you can be ready to take anything on.

Boost Immunity: Feed Your Body Right

How do you get a strong immune system? It’s easy! Fuel your body with only the best. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies are the key. Nutrient-dense foods that Mother Nature cooked from scratch, just for us, is what you want. You are a part of nature, part of this great ecosystem, and that means it is healthy for you to partake of it. Try adding some of these to your diet:

  • Citrus fruits like grapefruit, tangerines, limes, and oranges for a blast of vitamin C, which is great for stamping out the sniffles.
  • Garlic and ginger are two wonderful additions to a variety of meals, and each of them packs a major immune-boosting punch. Found in cuisines all over the world, these two beauties are as yummy as they are healthy.
  • Popeye ate his spinach, and so should you. Loaded with antioxidants and beta carotene, spinach is an easy thing to use in salads. Antioxidants and beta carotene go a long way toward promoting a strong immune system, and fighting infection too, so why not toss a handful of spinach into your next salad?

These are loads of ways to boost your immune system through food, so study up and chow down. Your body will thank you!

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Do you know what else is good for immune health?

Vitamin C

Research shows that taking this one vitamin has the potential toreduce the duration and severity of upper respiratory tract infectionsas well as supporting the fight against chronic diseases.

Yup not only that but add Magnesium to the mix and you have just tapped into the dynamic-duo of immune support.

As someone who lives with MS, I have to be extra careful right now and that includes ensuring that my immune system is fortified. My protocol includes daily Vitamin C, Vitamin D3+K2 all fortified with Magnesium along with tons of fruits and vegetables.

The world is changing fast and now more than ever we all need to focus on immune health through proper diet, exercise, stress management, and supplementation.