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Neck Pain Remedies


Today’s world lends itself very easily to neck pain. Hunched over your computer or workbench all day? Neck pain. Spend hours in the car driving the kids around? Neck pain. Lugging around a heavy diaper bag, backpack, or over-the-shoulder bag? Neck pain. Constantly looking down at your phone? Neck pain. It almost seems like there’s no escape. But while popping a couple of pain killers may seem like a quick solution, it’s really not something you should be doing long term. Luckily, magnesium not only has the potential to ease your neck pain but also has additional benefits. (1, 2)

The Benefits Of Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral that is overlooked way too often, especially considering the essential role it plays in overall health. Magnesium is critical for many of your body’s processes including muscle and nerve function, regulating blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and making DNA, bone, and protein. If you ask me, that pretty much covers just about every part of the body. But judging by the fact that you clicked on this title, you’re most likely here for one specific part of the body. The neck. So let’s get back to that, shall we? (3)

Using Magnesium For Neck Pain

One of the main reasons for neck pain is stiff or cramping muscles. This often happens as a result of keeping your head in a specific position for a long period of time. The good thing about using magnesium for neck pain is that studies have shown magnesium can relax your muscles and ease cramping. This, in turn, could reduce pain resulting from those cramped muscles. (4, 5)

In addition to the muscles, neck pain can also originate from the nerve roots. As magnesium plays an important role in nerve function, this mineral can also be useful for this type of pain. Studies have also shown that neck pain can be a sign of magnesium deficiency. In other words, not getting enough magnesium could be the main cause of your neck pain. One easy solution for this type of neck pain then, would be to supplement with magnesium. (6, 7, 8, 9)

The Easiest Way To Use Magnesium For Neck Pain

While there are many different types of magnesium supplements out there, magnesium chloride is really your best bet when it comes to neck pain. Magnesium chloride is much easier for your body to absorb compared to other types of magnesium. The more you are able to absorb, the more likely you are to get the results you’re after. Also, with a magnesium oil spray, you are able to apply the magnesium directly where it hurts in your neck. This allows the mineral to work much more quickly and directly than oral supplements. (10, 11)

When Is The Best Time To Use Magnesium For Neck Pain?

You can use magnesium spray anytime you like. You can apply in the morning in an attempt to prevent any neck pain, or as needed whenever you feel neck pain. Applying after a warm bath or shower is an ideal time to use magnesium spray as your pores are more open. (12)

How Much Magnesium Do I Use For Neck Pain?

The good news is that your body will only absorb as much magnesium as you need, so you can’t use too much while spraying topically. If you haven’t used magnesium spray before, it’s a good idea to start with a small amount and gradually increase the dosage. We recommend using 6-10 sprays 1-3 times per day. (12)

How Quickly Will The Magnesium Work?

With any type of pain, the quicker a remedy kicks in the better. Luckily, some people say magnesium spray provides immediate relief from aches and pains. However, everyone’s body is different so results will vary. Oftentimes you will see better results if you make magnesium spray a regular part of your routine. (12)

Can I Use Magnesium For Both Neck Pain And A Headache?

Usually, my neck pain is accompanied by a headache or migraine. The good news is magnesium has the potential to decrease headaches as well as neck pain, so you can use it for both simultaneously. Try massaging magnesium into your neck as well as your temples to target both types of pain. (6, 12)

Get Rid Of That Pain In The Neck

Neck pain is, to put it frankly, a real pain in the neck! Magnesium spray could be a safe, effective, and natural way to do deal with your pain. Try adding magnesium chloride to your daily routine and you’ll be wondering how your neck ever survived without it.