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Malunggay: Low-cost, high nutrition food boosts immune system


Do you know malunggay? If you come from a Filipino family, you are most likely nodding your head right now. But unless you’re an herbalist, this might not be a food that you’re familiar with. Let that all change today! Malunggay is a highly nutritious, cost-effective food that you'll absolutely want on your table from now on.

Malunggay, aka Moringa

Herbalists may recognize malunggay by its other name: Moringa oleifera or more commonly just moringa. For a long time, malunggay has been used to help with a variety of different maladies such as diabetes, certain heart ailments, stomach problems like diarrhea, bacterial and fungal skin abnormalities, and more.

Malunggay can help strengthen the body to fight off disease before it ever starts, thanks to the immune-boosting nutrients it possesses. An excellent source of vitamin A, vitamins B and C, iron and other minerals, plus amino acids methionine and cystine, this leafy green is commonly used in salads or as a side dish in the same way spinach is used. But lately, in light of all the health news surrounding the benefits of malunggay, cooks have been getting adventurous with it. These days you’ll find it in pasta dishes, soups, and even bread. The seeds themselves can be ground up and used as a seasoning, and not to be outdone, the roots and flowers can be part of the action too. The roots are spicy, similar to horseradish, and make a great seasoning base for dishes of all kinds that could use a little extra kick. The flowers make a lovely (and visually interesting) addition to salads.

In early 2020 when news of the coronavirus pandemic began to spread, Filipino Health Secretary Francisco Duque III suggested in a press briefing that eating malunggay could be one of the preventive measures the public can adopt to stave off the new coronavirus. “Drink a lot of fruit juices and put malunggay in your soup or other foodstuff,” Duque said.

Malunggay As Medicine

The Filipino government has long used malunggay in its feeding and nutrition programs. Malunggay can be used to treat any number of serious health concerns, and the more common problems too. It’s great for headaches and minor cuts.

Internal organs are said to benefit from the malunggay too. The pods are natural de-wormers, also good for treating liver and spleen problems, joint pain, and malnutrition too. In addition to being a nice seasoning, the seeds can treat arthritis, rheumatism, gout, muscle cramps, and is even used as a relaxant for epilepsy,” the senator added.

Marvelous Malunggay

Is there anything this wonderful leafy green can’t do? Packed with nutrition in literally every part of the plant, from seed to root to leaf, it’s worth looking into further, and possibly adding to your own diet. The wide range of benefits that it offers could be just the thing to round out your healthy diet and add a boost of vitamins and minerals to your day. The bottom line is of course that malunggay cannot be proven to directly cure or prevent any disease, it can seriously help boost the immune system. That’s the kind of benefit you can really put into action in so many parts of your life. With a healthier immune system you can go further, run faster, lift more, breathe better, and beat back illness, one germ at a time

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