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Knee Pain Remedies


You’re probably reading this because you have a history of knee pain, or know someone who does. This is a terrible condition since it affects so much of your life. Walking, sitting, running, and even laying down can be painful. Whether the struggle is with knee pain or other kinds of physical pain like headaches, cramping, or arthritis, you’ve come to the right place!

Before you resort to swallowing your normal pain-fighting pills, consider the fact that you might have a magnesium deficiency. Investing in some magnesium supplements could help you out more than you know. In fact, according to experts, magnesium will soon eclipse all other minerals in popularity for supplement sales out of necessity. This is entirely due to the many benefits this mineral has for people’s health! Add magnesium to your list of knee pain remedies and get ready to kiss that pain goodbye. (1)

Calcium, Magnesium, and Pain

Doctors, nutritionists, and other experts have been endlessly telling the public about the importance of calcium. We’ve all been encouraged to take calcium supplements. And while this might be beneficial in some ways, it may have also resulted in a problem: magnesium deficiencies.

We’re now learning that the amount of calcium in your body directly affects your body’s ability to absorb small amounts of magnesium, which obviously hinders the body’s ability to use magnesium properly! The standard American diet, including what our food is, the soil and conditions our food are grown in, and the way our food is cooked all work together to create a place ripe for magnesium deficiencies. This, unfortunately, results in a lot of unpleasant health conditions, including problems like knee pain.

Magnesium As A Knee Pain Remedy

Thankfully, magnesium is popularly known as the “relaxation” mineral for a very good reason. This natural property acts as a calcium defuser when protecting the body. It helps the nerves and muscles of the body relax when calcium forces them to contract, helping reduce the frequency of many concerning health issues. Magnesium has shown to be beneficial in helping a wide variety of ailments, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor blood circulation, muscle cramping, PMS symptoms, panic attacks, headaches, and, you guessed it, knee pain. (2, 3, 4)

There are a lot of magnesium supplements and products out there, so you want to be sure to choose the right one for your body and pain. You could try a magnesium spray as a knee pain remedy! What makes this product so wonderful as a remedy to knee pain is that it can be sprayed directly upon the hurt area to start working right away. It bypasses the digestive system by absorbing directly into the skin, right where you need it.


Pain is going to affect you at one point or another in your life. For many people, that pain is chronic. For others, it’s mild or situational. Whatever the case, when pain is endured long enough, our bodies have a tendency to normalize it for us so we’re not in as much discomfort. While this sounds preferable, it can result in other pains or unwanted symptoms, such as exhaustion, moodiness, and more. Magnesium has shown to be beneficial in calming a wide variety of pains, so if you’re a long sufferer of knee pain, give our magnesium spray a try!