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13 Benefits of Magnesium


As far as first impressions go, magnesium doesn’t seem like the friendliest of minerals. Just the name alone makes it sound like some type of terrible disease. But despite its slightly unfortunate label, magnesium health benefits are unbelievable.

In fact, magnesium is required for many essential functions within the body, such as bone growth, converting food into energy, and nerve function. In short, you could say that the benefit of taking magnesium is basically keeping you alive. (1)

What Magnesium Can Do For You

Maybe this strange mineral didn’t seem so friendly at first, but after hearing all the benefits of magnesium, you’ll want it with you everywhere you go.

General Benefits

Diabetes And Insulin Resistance

Magnesium has been proven to reduce insulin resistance by helping the body to break down glucose. (2)


Magnesium was found to both help treat and prevent migraine headaches and symptoms. (3)


Studies show that patients who took magnesium recovered from major depression in less than 7 days. (4)


Magnesium can help prevent osteoporosis by assisting in bone cell formation and helping maintain overall bone integrity. (5)

Blood Pressure

Research shows that magnesium can help lower blood pressure and prevent risk for heart disease and stroke. (6)

Benefits For Women

Along with these amazing general benefits, there are also specific magnesium benefits for women.

Premenstrual Symptoms

That time of the month is never exciting. The good news is that magnesium has proven effective in reducing many PMS symptoms such as cramping, headaches, cravings, anxiety, and irritability. (7, 8)


One of the common complications many women face during pregnancy is preeclampsia, which results in high blood pressure and risk of stroke. Taking magnesium can help protect against this condition. (9)

Postpartum Depression

Magnesium is well known for its antidepressant effects, which can prove extremely useful in those first weeks and months following the birth. (10)

Benefits For Men

This incredible mineral isn’t just for the ladies. There are plenty of magnesium benefits for men as well.

Heart Disease

An important health concern many men face as they age is cardiovascular disease. Magnesium has shown to lower the risk of heart disease. (11)

Kidney Stones

While not strictly partial to them, kidney stones tend to be more common in men. Research shows that magnesium can help reduce the risk of kidney stones. (12)

Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual function often becomes an issue as men age. Magnesium is essential and helpful when it comes to penile erection. (13)

The Best Magnesium Out There

Not all magnesium types are equal. Among all the different types of this extraordinary mineral, the health benefits of magnesium chloride strongly outweigh the others. For starters, magnesium chloride is much easier for the body to absorb. Magnesium chloride also has special benefits unique to its type, such as nervous system support and high bioavailability. (14, 15)

But the type of magnesium isn’t the only thing you want to look out for, because this mineral also comes in different forms. And while choking down a pill may sound thrilling, magnesium supplement benefits are most easily experienced when the mineral is in oil form.

And what better way to supplement with a magnesium oil than using a spray bottle? MyKore Essentials Magnesium Oil benefits are experienced quicker and easier than other types of magnesium because the application is so incredibly simple. Just apply directly to the needed area, and find rapid relief. Seriously, that’s all it takes.

Live Your Best Life With Magnesium

Magnesium spray benefits your life and body in a way that no other magnesium can. If you’re looking for the best way to benefit from this amazing mineral, this is it. Say goodbye to headaches, sore muscles, aching bones, and depression. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy a life renewed with the benefits of magnesium spray.

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A Personal Testimonial

I don’t often align myself with products but this is one that I just had to share! My name is Michelle Toole and I am the founder of

Some of you may already know years ago, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

I can still recall what it felt like to have my life change overnight…

I went from an Executive Director of a non-profit organization, running marathons, rock climbing, hiking canyons and kayaking to being completely bedridden and staring at a wall for 15 hours a day.

Of course, I went to see many doctors but unfortunately I didn’t find the help I needed. So, I had to set off on my own journey to learn my true path to healing.

I’d pretty much turned-over every rock trying to find relief for my pain, sleep issues and myriad of other symptoms…

Fast-forward 18 years.

I was determined to climb one of the true wonders of the natural world, Machu Picchu, the mystical home of the Incas in Peru.

It was there, after a grueling day when my feet, knees, legs, and lower back hurt so bad, that I thought I would have to abandon hopes of our next climb which was Rainbow Mountain! That night I pulled out a little spray bottle of “aceite de magnesio” that a friend had given me before I left on my trip.

What the heck, I thought. I was desperate. And I applied it all over my body before bed.

Because of the grueling day, I woke up expecting to be immobilized, but instead we were off to climb Rainbow Mountain and…I was totally pain-free!

I know it sounds impossible, but it’s 1000% the truth.