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The myKoreEssentials Story

Pure Magnesium Oil

Our team was born out of humble beginnings. Nearly 30 years ago, a close family member of Jim Moretti’s was diagnosed with fibromyalgia – a chronic illness that comes with crippling pain, and in Jim’s family member’s case, led to losing her job, sleep, and overall ability to live a normal life.

A mysterious condition with no known root cause, doctors were stumped on how to treat her condition. This led Jim on a hunt to find a solution that would put an end to his family member’s pain. Thankfully, during his research he stumbled across magnesium.

While oral magnesium supplementation proved to be too harsh for his relative’s digestive system, transdermal magnesium hexahydrate was extremely effective.

For the first time in 25 years, Jim's relative noticed significantly less nerve pain, muscle soreness and cramps.

Jim consulted with a compounding pharmacist and managed to recreate the exact product at a far more affordable for everyday people. Jim handed out samples to friends, family, and friends of friends, all of whom were extremely happy with the results.

Jim knew that by using the highest quality ingredients for a fraction of the price, thousands if not millions of people would stand to benefit as well.

From there, the universe took its course and myKoreEssentials was born.

We understand and empathize with the reality most people face – lots of pain and not enough time. Created with this in mind, we worked tirelessly to form a concentrated magnesium solution that ensures immediate absorption and pain relief in minutes.

We have taken care to source from Dead Sea salt in order to bring you the most pure, highest quality ingredients, and to ensure maximum health benefits.

myKore Essentials’ mission, ultimately, is to help.