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Give Your Immune System

a Fighting Chance with Nature’s

“Dynamic-Duo” of Immune Support


All-New Magnesium + Vitamin C Combo
Delivers a Powerful 1-2 (Immune Support) Punch

Forget cold and flu season. Nature’s Dynamic-Duo has your back with powerful infection-fighting properties and cell-supporting nutrients needed to support your immune system through the toughest attacks.

Get Immune Support!

*Limited Batch. Less than 50 bottles due to supply challenges.

The Scary Truth; Right Now, Your Immune System is the Underdog.

Viruses and bacteria are small but mighty enemies of the human body.  We can’t see them, we don’t know where they’re lurking, and we don’t always know how to cure the diseases they cause...

...allowing them to wreak havoc on
our bodies, families, and communities.

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Fortify Your Immune System with Nature’s Dynamic-Duo

Meet Nature’s Most Potent Formula for Immune Support: Vitamin C + Magnesium. When paired, these powerful ingredients provide enhanced support so your body can defeat even the most threatening invaders.

Vitamin C: The Infamous Infection Fighter

Research Shows: Vitamin C has been shown to reduce the duration and severity of upper respiratory tract infections as well as supporting the fight against chronic diseases.

It’s not magic. It’s simple science.

Vitamin C is able to make such a big impact on our immune systems because it is very good at one important job: protecting against damage induced by oxidative stress.

By protecting our cells from damage, Vitamin C makes it difficult for bacteria and viruses to sneak into our system and cause chaos.

Magnesium: The Unsung Hero

Magnesium, a necessary mineral for all human existence, is needed for 300+ processes within the body. Lacking magnesium means lacking an essential element needed to function. When our bodies are missing this mighty mineral, our cells begin to break down and become vulnerable to attack. 

Magnesium keeps our immune system strong and helps us combat the onslaught of invaders entering our bodies. Together, this vitamin-mineral combo comes together to create a Dynamic Duo of immune support that is not only beneficial but essential for our bodies to remain healthy.

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The only topical immune support containing nature’s “Dynamic Duo.”

myKore Essentials’ research team worked long and hard to create the perfect proprietary blend of Vitamin C + magnesium oil and bottled it up into a convenient and effective spray.

The most effective natural immune support on the market:

HIGH QUALITY | EASILY ABSORBED - This proprietary formula contains USP Grade Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate and acetic acid (the most easily absorbed Vitamin C available). 

COMFORT and CARE - Fast-absorbing and lightweight. Our formula helps promote a healthy immune system, reduces inflammation, fight cellular stress, and protect from outside invaders.

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Get myKore Essentials’ Vitamin C + Magnesium Oil Spray While Supplies Last

myKore Essentials’ Vitamin C + Magnesium Oil Spray is made in small batches to maintain product integrity. Currently, we’re only producing a limited amount to help combat the rise of current infections. 

Experience immune support using Nature’s Dynamic Duo during this limited-time offering for only $29.99.

$59.95 $29.99

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Warning: Unfortunately, I won’t be able to run this deal forever. I can only guarantee this price while supplies from this batch are still available!

Satisfaction is Guaranteed

myKore Essentials’ Vitamin C + Magnesium Oil Spray is backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee!

We want to see you thrive, and we also believe “HAPPY CUSTOMERS” are the best advertising.

So that means if you’re EVER unsatisfied with anything you buy from us here at myKore Essentials, you have a full 30-DAYS during which time you can return the product for a full refund.

Just let us know you weren’t satisfied and we’ll send you a 100% REFUND on your order.